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We're fluiditi – where extraordinary meets practicality. We don’t just build websites; we craft unforgettable digital experiences. Expect blazing speed, innovative styles and a site that just converts.

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The fluiditi standard

Stunning Aesthetics

We pride ourselves on being at the cutting-edge of web design. Your business will look its best self online, without doubt.

Cutting-edge designs, from 3D to JS animations

Fluid Design

All fluiditi sites are built with the latest and greatest web design principles. Your site will look stunning on any device.

Your site will effortlessly resize for any device


All fluiditi websites are built using semantic HTML and accessibility best practice. This also helps with your SEO.

Anyone will be able to navigate your website.

Innovative Design

We use the latest design techniques including 3D modeling, such as ThreeJS and stunning animations like GSAP.

Pick a site you love. We'll build your site in the same style.

Global CDN

Your site will be fast and performant for everyone, everywhere. Your site's code can be deployed from servers around the world.

Expext blazing fast site load speeds - great for SEO.

99.99% Uptime

Always available. We use either Amazon Web Services or Vercel to ensure the very best hosting. Your site's always available.

No outages, no problems. Your site whenever it's needed.

Lean Code

We use the latest HTML5 CSS3 and JavaScript. All sites are lightweight and use minified code to ensure rapid load times.

Lightweight and efficient. Good for UX and SEO.

SEO Optimised

We use semantic HTML and accessibility best practices to ensure not only are sites accessible, but your site is primed for SEO.

Don't leave any box unticked in your quest for SEO.


Defence against cyber threats and potential vulnerabilities. All fluiditi websites comply with ISO 27001 and CIS Critical Security Controls.

Don't get stung by non-compliance. Tick all the boxes.

Data Protection

Keep your customers data secure and avoid legal problems. All fluiditi websites comply with GDPR and CCPA regulations.

Give your site visitors confidence to take action.


All fluiditi websites are encrypted to protect against data intercepts and the SSL certificate builds trust with website visitors.

Industry standard and customer expectation.


Your site is protected in the event of data loss or server outage. We use backups and versioning so sites can be restored.

Disaster recovery protocol ensures smooth operation.

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Websites for all use-cases

Below are some of the most frequently requested types of website we get asked to build, but they are by no means the only use-cases we cater for. In fact, we're confident we can build you a stunning website, designed to inspire visitors to take the actions important to you, whatever the nature of your business.


Lead Gen Websites

Lead Funnel Websites

Generating Leads

Our lead funnel websites are more than just digital brochures; they're visually stunning experiences harnessing the best aspects of modern web design. We don't just deliver a pretty face, though. Each site is engineered as a finely tuned sales funnel, designed to convert visitors into leads. We blend aesthetic appeal with strategic design, ensuring every element, from captivating visuals to intuitive navigation, works in harmony to engage your audience and drive conversions.


E-commerce Websites

E-Com Shops


Give your visitors a digital shopping experience they won't forget. Our e-commerce sites are a confluence of web design ingenuity and intuitive user experience. Every pixel, every page, is thoughtfully designed to not only catch the eye but to guide your customers smoothly towards making a purchase. From stunning visuals to seamless navigation and smartly placed call-to-actions, we ensure that every aspect of your online store is optimised to showcase your products in a way that compels visitors to action.


Blogs & Influencer Websites

Content Showcase

Blogs & Influencer Sites

We provide the perfect stage for bloggers and influencers to shine. Our designs are a fusion of the latest UI/UX best practices and unique visuals, tailored to foreground your personality and content. Whether it's eye-catching photos or engaging videos, our websites are optimized to showcase media-rich content in the most striking way. But that's not all – we also integrate an easy-to-use CMS system, giving you the freedom to effortlessly create new pages and update content on the fly.


Booking Websites

Booking Sites

Bookings and Events

Our sites redefine the way venues and events connect with their audience. We represent your brand through immersive visual experiences that truly embody the essence of your business. We meticulously design each site to reflect the unique atmosphere of your venue or the vibrant energy of your event. But it's not just about looks – our websites integrate with an array of backend software - which we can provide if needed - delivering a hassle-free, efficient experience for your visitors to book, buy tickets and more.

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