Frequently Asked Questions

At fluiditi we like to think we've got pretty enquiring minds. We salute your quest for further knowledge. Before you reach out, perhaps someone has already done the work for you. FAQs below:


Here's what people typically ask...

How does fluiditi quote design projects?

Every project is unique and requires a custom quote. Quotes are based on the project spec. We calculate the time and resources needed to complete the spec. Just book a call with us and we can get your project spec and quote generated.

What do I need to provide fluiditi to get a quote?

Full project specs are required. Fluiditi must have a complete understanding of the project before issuing a quote. If new designs are being developed, fluiditi must see the complete and final design.

What is fluiditi's minimum design project fee?

We don't have official project minimums, although it's uncommon for small projects to be less than £1,000. We do not work with companies who are looking to haggle or for discounts.

Can Fluiditi maintain our project after delivery?

Yes, we offer flexible maintenance services, or, we can train you how to add new pages using pre-designed templates as part of Webflow's content management system (CMS).

Can Fluiditi fix our poorly developed Webflow project?

Yes, we fix messy site builds, poorly developed projects, and abandoned projects.

We want to work with a new agency. Can Fluiditi manage our existing website?

Yes, we offer maintenance options for many types of website projects. If the site is designed with a tool that we don't use, it might be that we rebuild and update it using our tools of choice.

Can Fluiditi migrate our website from another platform?

Yes, we will migrate anything to Webflow or just plain code depending on project requirements.

Can fluiditi develop [insert your desired complex functionality here] in Webflow?

Fill out our sales form with as much information about the functionality as possible. We will assess your requirements before confirming. The answer is usually, "yes".

Does Fluiditi offer custom JavaScript development?

Yes, we offer JavaScript development services. If building your project on Webflow, we'll use a specific platform called Wized to inject JavaScript into your site, allowing us to transform static sites into web apps. If we're coding your site from scratch, we'll likely use Alpine JS.

Does Fluiditi offer custom backend development?

Yes, we offer backend development services. We tend to use Supabase (which is built on top of Postgresql) or Kernex. Webflow also has a CMS and user management which can provide the bulk of the functionality of most backend use-cases.

Can our developers take over the project once Fluiditi has delivered it?

Yes, we follow industries best practice to assure all projects are easily maintainable and scalable. Technical projects can be delivered with developer documentation if required.

Does Fluiditi offer training?

Yes, after project delivery, fluiditi can train your team to manage the Webflow project. We can do live sessions, recorded videos, or both.

I have more questions, how can I get them answered?

Contact us on via this page or the button below.

Still have questions?

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