break free from the template

Unique brands help customers remember you and keep coming back. Your online store is the representation of your brand. Don't let your brand down by using a tired old template that is used by thousands of other stores across the web.

The Benefits

stand out from the crowd

Shopify is the king of ecommerce. Their templates are presentable and get the job done. The problem is, most Shopify stores look the same. Bring your brand to life with a custom design Shopify theme.
Using a template can restrict how you structure your ecommerce store. With a custom template, we give your store custom aesthetics, but also can structure the site however you need.
A custom Shopify theme can you give you a competitive edge. When your store is hard to differentiate from tens or hundreds of others, you may struggle to live long in the memory.
Want repeat business? Great products is key, customer service and pricing are huge, but brand imprints in your customers minds. If your store looks and feels incredible, it will be remembered.
A custom theme really lets you showcase your products in a way an easy to use template doesn't. Think 3D product previews and animated product pages that give your products a premium feel.
One of the best things about a customised Shopify store is you choose everything. The look and feel of pages, the structure of the site and the layout of pages without the fear of breaking anything.
Design process

a typical web design project

Onboarding is where we get to know your business. It's critical to understand who you are, who your customers are, what you offer, what makes you different and to get a feel for the personality of your business. This helps us understand how to represent your brand visually. And, crucially, we want to know what design preferences you have.
Once you've been onboarded, we start by immersing ourselves in your design brief, company profile and scope of work. We'll carry out competitor and industry analysis, a brand audit and start formulating a first draft of a sitemap. We'll start pulling together ideas from design concepts to a proposed sitemap, until we have the blueprint for your website.
Design & Development
This phase is where we go from idea to reality and actually build your website. We'll take everything we've learned from your onboarding and from our own research and weave it into the website's design. We offer a number of design revisions until we get the desired look and feel for your project - so you know you'll get the website your business needs.
QA & Testing
Before delivering you a temporary link to preview the finished website, we will test and do quality assurance across all website browsers and devices. We'll make sure the website looks great on every screen size, images are optimised, text is spell-checked and much more. We'll also carry out technical SEO so your site is optimised for Google and all search engines.
Once we're happy, we'll send you a temporary link to the finished website. You can review it and, if there's anything you want changing, we can action it before going live. Once we're both happy, we then connect the site to your business domain. If you haven't purchased a URL yet, we can help you do so. Either way, we'll have your new website up and running.
Choose Fluiditi

Your Store is Unique. Give it a unique look.

Unique Brand Identity

Stand out from the crowd with a custom-designed Shopify website that perfectly reflects your brand's personality and values.

Optimized User Experience

A bespoke Shopify website ensures a seamless and intuitive user experience, leading to higher engagement and conversion rates.

Tailored Functionality

Get the exact features and functionalities your business needs with a custom-built Shopify website designed to streamline your operations.

Scalable and Adaptable

As your business grows, your bespoke Shopify website can easily adapt and scale to meet your evolving needs and requirements.

Competitive Edge

Gain the advantage over your competitors with a professionally designed, one-of-a-kind Shopify website that leaves a lasting impression.

The fluiditi standard


We're extremely conscious of building performant, lightweight, efficient websites that load quickly and reliably.


A website is usually an online storefront. All our websites are built with your end goals in mind, increasing conversion rates.


All websites are hosted using industry best practice. AWS, Docker and Kubernetes ensure your website will be safe and reliable.


Our websites can support scaling from startup to enterprise. If your business booms, your website won't let you down.


Need help? Just have a question about the project? We're always on hand to provide honest and clear communication.


We don't believe in tying customers in to long-term contracts. Just pay for the website and we can transfer the hosting plan over.